Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Published: 2021-09-14 09:25:09
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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison
My experience with the MyPyramid Tracker has been extraordinary. I have noticed that taking the time to input the daily nutrient intake and receive a snapshot of my eating habits has been an eye-opening experience that has heightened my awareness for sodium as well as fatty foods and empty calories in my diet. I have become aware of eating more often throughout the day instead of starving myself and over-eating at lunch or dinner.
I continue to start each day with a protein shake and an additional vitamin B supplement to ensure that I am consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to support the critical functions of my body. I have learned that taking too much vitamin B can be dangerous and this vitamin does not work on its own, rather in conjunction with other nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin B needs co-enzymes to allow the body to benefit from this vitamin. Prior to inputting the information in the MyPyramid tracker, I was unaware of how much it matters that I choose wisely when considering what to eat and how often I should be eating. I continue to eat many of the foods that I consumed previous to this class, however, I now choose foods that have less cholesterol and I am not afraid to eat carbohydrates in moderate quantities. Over the past eight weeks, I have noticed better health and higher tolerance to virus's associated with doing business in the public sector and interacting with customers as well as employees. My diet includes a good balance of the vitamins and minerals needed for my body weight and height. I have cut back on the amount of wine and snacks that increased my empty calories as well as the unnecessary fat intake that plagued my daily diet. I have adjusted how my job affects my eating habits by setting an alarm to make sure that I eat every three hours throughout the day instead of starving myself and binge eating at dinner. Regardless of whether I am working in the office or visiting stores, I now take fruit to eat between stores or stop for a small meal that includes higher fiber and lower calories such as salad, fruits, or vegetables.

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