Henry Viii Bites the Dust

Published: 2021-09-13 23:00:14
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Henry VIII Bites the Dust

The rule of Henry the Eighth was one of change in the areas of both the country and his marital status. However, his reign came to an abrupt end on January 28, 1547. His death did not come without a painful life, spent fighting illnesses and injuries. It was as if Henry could barely stay out of the path of trouble.
In order to come to a conclusion as to how he died, we must list his many different illnesses and injuries, and then finally we can come to a conclusion. The first of many began in "1513 at the age of 22 he suffered from a bout of smallpox. . . .at the age of 33 he suffered the first of recurring attacks of malaria. . . .at the age of 44 he badly injured his leg in a jousting accident." (Tudors, 1) As if this was not enough, there was more waiting for Henry. "Although the leg first appeared to have healed it reopened a few years later and became ulcerated. . . . a weight of about 180 to 200 pounds" quickly became ". . . a weight of about 300 to 320 pounds." (Tudors, 1) The ulcers soon spread to both legs, and he was rendered unable to exercise at all anymore. That, however, was not the end, as "He then suffered from insomnia, sore throats, and migraine headaches . . . with some mental decline in later life [exhibited] some paranoia, feelings of depression and loneliness and a terrible temper." (Tudors, 1) Finally, his feet became infected with gangrene, a disease where the body part literally gets eaten off your body by bacteria.

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