Hindu, Christianitity, and Islam

Published: 2021-09-13 23:45:10
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Reading Report 2
The diverse cultures in the world have many different beliefs of what is and is not acceptable. Numerous civilizations base their principles of what is right and wrong on religious beliefs. This reading report focuses on Hindu, Christian, and Islamic values and the rewards the believers receive by being faithful. These religions are all dissimilar in many ways; however, they are similar in the concept of their moral standards. Ashoka, emperor of India's Maurayan Dynasty, developed the Seven Pillar Edicts to reform what is expected of those who follow Buddhism. He uses the term Dhamma, which is the duty or righteous behavior. The pillars explain that one cannot truly be happy unless he or she follows the Dhamma. Ashoka describes the Dhamma by stating, "It includes little evil, much good, kindness, generosity, truthfulness and purity." The pillars continue to describe the ways of following the Dhamma. Ashoka gives these final instructions, "Protect with Dhamma, to make happiness through Dhamma and to guard with Dhamma." The Bhahavad-Gita is a document based on the introduction of new Hindu beliefs. It is a story that is about a battle between Arjuna and Krishna. In the legend, Krishna explains to Arjuna that he has no reason to be upset about killing others, because their soul will not die. The story tells its readers, "But knows that which pervades this universe is imperishable." The text represents the promising of life after death. It demonstrates that the only way to receive this salvation is to follow their responsibilities as a Hindu.

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