History Case

Published: 2021-09-12 17:35:10
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i just like to cheat on my homework assignments! hahahhahahaha and this whole thing is just so that i can get an A in this one class that im failing and if i pass the paper, the i pass the class, then i pass the school year, and then i get to go to a nice colledge where there is nice and pretty people and not where it is ugly and where im gonna be with mexicans.. cause they are really ugly and scary and if you took a look at me, they would get jealous and come and beat me up which really really scares me sometimes! my moms name is kristi and my dads name is wayne, they made babies and their names are, sydney, savannah, summer, and hunter, and people think that we are all really sexy in our own way! hahahaha i think i can win a bueaty pagent or something like that! i am sooo preTTY! I get my braces off in exactly one week and im soooo excited!!! im gonna be even more prettier then i already am! do you think i can pull it off? of course! i think school is actually kind of boring and i actually dont pay attention at all! hhahahah i wish i did but i dont and i cant find a boyfriend! it freaking sucks! i want a boyfriend near christmas time so that i can snuggle and i can get gifts from them, and i wanna makeout with guys! it is so freaking fun and i want someone to be nice to me! no one is nice to me! propably because they are super jealouse of my looks!

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i want to copy...

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