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Published: 2021-09-12 17:45:09
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Most of their legal research required is now done on computers and the paralegal must have good computer skills and word-processing ability. Additionally, paralegals interface with judges, opposing attorneys and therefore need excellent communication skills. Paralegals need to have advanced computer skills to be able to work on sophisticated software programs that may be used within a firm to access and enter client information. Additionally, paralegals must have a good math aptitude to ensure proper billing of client's services
According to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, a certified paralegal or legal assistant is a formal recognition of two types of training programs. There is a two-year AA or Certification and a four-year bachelor with certification. Additionally, there are master degree programs, but prior to the 1960's no formal education existed for paralegals. Legal secretaries learned from working with attorneys and on the job training. The American Bar Association played a major role in paralegal education requirements and is responsible for developing standards and curriculum for paralegal programs across the nation. Paralegals must behave with utmost integrity, to keep the confidences of the clients and their firm. Paralegals must never give legal advice and must refer these questions to the attorneys.

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