History of Policing

Published: 2021-09-12 15:55:09
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History of Policing

-Development under King Alfred the Great (Anglo-Saxon) 871-899
-He formed the mutual pledge system because he wanted order in the area he ruled
-Similar to Community Policing, "Every male who is over the age of 12 was responsible to take a pledge to look after their family and 10 other that were grouped together."
-These 10 families were called Tithings.
-Primary rules of law were Murder and theft, offenders were brought before the king, if they failed to return an offender, the members of the tithing could be punished
-100 people group
-Later he moved to keeping the peace as a geographical perspective. The Shire
-The representative of the Shire was known as The Reeve.
-Shire + Reeve = Sherrif
-Posse Comitatus is a group of men who dealt with any emergency that came up
-Shire Reeve could appoint a Mounted Officer of the Military as a Deputy
-That deputy was known as Comes Stabuli

-The stuck around until 1285 when King Edward the 1strevamped a lot of Laws
-He introduced a Codified Police System similar to a statue
-This was known as the Statute of Winchester
-Walled towns, we will appoint watchmen to look out for fires and arrest strangers known as the watch and ward system
-distinguishes rural from urban

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