Hotel Florencia Case

Published: 2021-09-04 05:50:15
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Hotel Florencia
Hotel Florencia is a five star hotel located on the most popular strip in South
Beach Miami. In this area, luxury hotels are in great competition and, as such,
retaining customers is the key to success. As competition began to increase and
retaining customers became more essential, Hotel Florencia adopted an "100%
Customer Satisfaction!" policy to guide its staff.
Non-managerial employees follow very strict rules and procedures when dealing
with customers. They greet them, check them in, and answer their questions
according to a strict set of rules and procedures outlined by management. They
have very little authority to act outside these regulations.
Recently, top management at Hotel Florencia has been noticing a decreasing
number of repeat customers. When top management was looking through their
online ratings, they noticed that they were all complaints relating to customer
service. One incident particularly caught their eye and they decided to

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