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Published: 2021-09-04 17:30:15
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1.1 Objectives
 Steady ticket sales over $1M during the first year and ultimately meeting projected revenue of nearly $2.4M at year three.
 Personnel costs less than $600K the first year.
 Exceptional revenues from our food menu and concessions.
 Profitable in the first year, with net profits increasing each year.

1.2 Mission
The mission of the Movie House Café is to offer a new and unique theater experience for movie-goers of all ages in the Southern Maryland region that will create an extraordinary level of entertainment value through quality presentation of first and second run movies and featuring a superior menu while maintaining a small town atmosphere. Our local patrons will watch their desired movie in comfort at a competitive price within a short distance from their home. Movie-goers from Charles County and neighboring counties have never had the convenience of a combination movie theater and restaurant in the past. Our snacks, beverages, and quality of main course meals will be reasonably priced.

Our staff will be pleasant and courteous, and will focus on giving the customer a pleasurable and memorable experience. The customer service level will be so superior compared to the megaplex theaters our potential customers currently frequent that they will bring friends and family from all over the region to take pleasure in a theater setting second to none.

We acknowledge that employee welfare is essential to the success of the Movie House Café. We will offer our staff the utmost respect, fare wages and benefits that will allow them to grow into positions of responsibility within a fun and rewarding establishment.

Our investors will see a lucrative return on their money, and will have the opportunity for growth and prosperity with our company.

We will be a contributing and supportive member of our community.

1.3 Keys to Success
 Money-back guarantee restricted to providing the freshest food to the customer.
 Our commitment to excellent customer service, food, and beverages at all times.
 Selections of films such as adventure, comedy, drama, etc. will be based on target market demand and viewing audience.
 Manage finances and cash flow internally for future capital growth and maintain stringent control of all costs.

2.0 Company Summary
The Movie House Café, a full service movie theater with three screens and a capacity of 432, will offer restaurant-style meals served at the theater seat. The Movie House Café will be centrally located in Waldorf, population 22,338, the largest city in Charles County, Maryland with a population of 137,341, on a major thoroughfare thirty minutes from Washington, D.C. Our focus will be on providing a unique movie experience and quality meals via an extensive menu.

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