How Do the Genre and Narrative Elements Within My Chosen Sequence Help to Create Meaning for the Audience?

Published: 2021-09-13 14:00:10
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How do the genre and narrative elements within my chosen sequence help to create meaning for the audience?

When deciding on what films to watch audiences rely on their knowledge of genre and narrative conventions. When audiences see something new their minds already hold a set of existing ideas on which they have picked up on over the years from experience or what they've been told, because of this audiences are able to identify particular genres therefore expect certain things within a particular genre, this may in fact help the audience enjoy the film more as they are able to predict what might happen next. If however something does not follow what the audience expects to see then it has failed to follow its genre conventions however this could be a positive thing because it may surprise audiences and get them excited.
Genre can affect the form, structure, style, content, setting, characters and events to expect in a particular narrative. For every genre, there are a set of repertoire of elements which means there are events or characters which are often repeated again and again for a particular genre, this causes audiences to be aware of events before they've taken place and what will happen next in the narrative.

In this essay I will be analyzing the genre and narrative conventions within the 10 minute opening sequence for a science-fiction comedy from 1985 called 'Back to the future' distributed by Universal studios, directed by Robert Lee Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg. Once the audience see Steven Spielberg's name, which in itself is a brand as he's best known for being a successful director, creating films of entertainment, adventure and fun, which are not too deep, this gives the audience possible ideas and themes of what the film might have but also, it suggests that the film will be entertaining and fun.
Marty Mcfly is the story's protagonist, he's played by Michael J. Fox who up until that point in time was mostly known for his role in the TV series, 'family ties', though, after having done 'Back to the future' Michael quickly shot to movie stardom in the mid 1980s and became heavily associated with comedy-teenpic genres, such as 'Teen Wolf, The Secret to my success' and also the 'Back to the future' sequels.

'Back to the future' is undoubtedly part of the teenpic genre as it focuses on a teenage character but it is also a science-fiction comedy, which mainly focuses on time travel, this makes it part of the hybrid genre and means it will appeal to a wider audience thus ensuring film success and profit. The film proved to be quite a success and was found to be the highest grossing film of 1985 (quote from, so successful in fact that the film was followed by two sequels forming a trilogy. Like other films of the same genre, such as 'The time machine', 'Austin Powers' and 'The Butterfly effect', they have all been a success and are all part of the same hybrid genre, perhaps hybrid genres are successful as they manage to appeal to a larger number of audiences.

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