How Effective Is Don Rogers' Communication Skills?

Published: 2021-09-06 23:50:17
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1. How effective is Don Rogers' communication skills?
He was never a good fit for the EPD. Rogers never anticipated the increase in competition (mistake 1) which shows he was not tied to the sales force. It was mentioned that he does not listen in meetings and not holding managers responsible for their goals (mistakes 2&3). He split up marketing, sales, and product development causing confusion and miscommunication (mistake 5). He replaced several top managers when the EPD was sucessful with rather inexperienced people. (mistake 6) Most of all he seems to have no sense of urgency with the dire situation the company faces. His division could implode at any time costing everyone their jobs. He is now just realizing changes need to be met? He needs to go. (Suesse, 2007)

Rogers transferred Rogers needs to be physically present ot learn about and lead a fractious organization. Market conditions require marketing to be closely coordinated with sales and the plants and everyone to be in colose communication.

2. How well does he perform in planning and organizing?
3. Short term:
4. - Manufacturing and sales should be housed together to create a plan that would allow for continued growth and decreasing manufactures costs. This would also allow for better communication and foster an environment for collaborations and cooperation.
5. - Rogers should put into place a clear and focused vision that all departments understand, respect and perform to. In putting this vision of the organization together, Rogers should get the opinions (negatives and postivites) from the employees
6. - Rogers should put back into place the evaluations
7. - He should have a more visible presence in the organization. He is well trained in the technical aspects but needs to learn more about the other apsects of the division.

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