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Published: 2021-09-12 20:00:11
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Case -- Super - TV Company

Melini was angry and frustrated. "How do they expect me to run my department if I don't know what's going on?", She asked herself. Then "they" she was angry with were Leelaratne, her immediate supervisor, and Ariyasena, the vice-president of the division. This wasn't the first time that Leelaratne and Ariyasena hadn't kept her informed of their plans, but the cost of their indifference to her informed of their plans, but the cost of their indifference to her informed of their plans, but the cost of their indifference to her "need to know" was getting higher and higher.
Melini's department was responsible for the production and assembly of Television Receivers. Her team was experienced and knowledgeable about all phases of production. The staffers had worked together for a number of years and usually walked off with honor awards for outstanding work at the company's annual Awards Night.
This year, however, Melini knew that her department would receive no awards. Production for the last quarter was down, the number of rejects was up, and the number of complaint calls for delayed deliveries was well above normal. But Melini did not blame her staffers. The problem was with upper management, namely Leelaratne and Ariyasena. Once again, they had placed obstacles in operations by consulting with no one but each other about a change in procedures.
For weeks, Leelaratne and Ariyasena had discussed producing a newer, better type of model. Much research had been done on the new design, and an outside contractor had been hired to produce a dozen prototypes. These were tested and found to be superior to the former model. SO Leelaratne and Ariyasena decided to start production as soon as the new equipment had been ordered, delivered, and installed. Then Leelaratne told Malini about their plans. Malini was so flabbergasted that she at first couldn't speak.
"The new equipment will be coming in a couple of weeks", he said, "and we'd like you to start production as soon as everything is set up."
"This is a fine time to tell me about your plans," Melini finally said. "How am I supposed to have my staff ready for the new operation?"
"Well there'll be a training period, of course," Leelaratne said, "but your team of experts should have no trouble picking up a new routine. The equipment isn't so different from what they're using now. We expect production to be up to your standards by the end of the quarter."

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