Hurs 104 - Loosely Regulated Labor Markets

Published: 2021-09-13 06:45:09
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Loosely Regulated Labor Markets
Nakita Williams

HURS104: Employee/Labor Relations


Bryant and Stratton College

When evaluating the labor market it is important and essential to consider flexible labor legislation. This is essential for the promoting the creation of new businesses, established firms and job creation. Labor laws are set in place to balance the need to protect workers' rights with the need to increase flexibility in the labor market, and to establish a more conducive environment for the creation of productive employment opportunities and the enhancement of social dialogue (Griswold, 2010). Labor law protects workers from arbitrary or unfair treatment while addressing labor market failures to deliver efficient and equitable outcomes, such as insufficient information, potential discrimination against vulnerable groups and incomplete insurance of workers against the risks of losing their job(Griswold, 2010). Labor regulations have changed drastically throughout the years and a lot of the changes have been very beneficial to the working industry. There are several advantages and disadvantages of loosely regulated labor markets.

Effects of a Loosely Regulated Labor Market
The United States has a more loosely regulated labor market than other countries. In Milwaukee, WI. Upon doing research, I found some interesting information. There are currently 47 companies that are exporting jobs and 39 companies that are lying off workers because of the impact if trade on business(Working America 2012). Most companies outsource jobs because it's cheaper however any company that supports customer satisfaction wouldn't choose this route. Although it saves money on having to pay employees, they alternately lose twice as much money do to the result of lost of customer because of poor customer satisfaction. As well as they are contributing the unemployment rate that is drastically increasing. There are 148 companies that filed a notice under the Worker Adjustment Act which indicates an anticipated plant closing or mass layoff. 2,020 companies have violations of safety and health regulations, or have had workplace fatalities, and other OSHA violations (Working America 2012). That is a very high number for any organization, so it would be interesting to find out why there are so many companies with these violations. Is it a result from lack of training.There are 58 companies have cases involving violations of workers' rights under the National Labor Relations Act or settlement agreements for alleged violations(Working America 2012). This can be many different cases but usually most case involves discrimination or sexual assault. This can be due to employees and employers not being provided with the correct training. There are 33 companies that have records in the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Inspections data set. This contains data concerning the concerning the Fair Labor standards Act and Child

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