I like Poop

Published: 2021-09-01 05:15:12
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Hi my name is poopstar4. How did I get that name you ask? Well, it is really simply, I just love poop. I love everything about it. I love poop, I love to poop, I love the taste, smell and feel of poop. I just can't help myself I have fallen completley in love with poop, I need to share it with the world. Poop, I love you, you are exquistite! Okay this is just dumb shit. Oh and I'm in college..I know, so mature for my age! I really have to write two hundred and fifty words just to look at some essays on this website. Ugh this is bullshit. I don't have time for this. I am a struggling college student during finals week. I have so much work, and so many essays to write. I hate that my professors don't give me a topic to write about its to annoying it takes me so long to actually pick a topic, then I still need to write the ten page paper after that. Oh my god. Kill me now, this is probably going to be an all nighter. Hey, atleast i'm doing my work. Wish I didn't have to and I could just be spending time with my friends getting drunk, and hanging out with my boyfriend. But no, he is three hours away from me, and I have to do all this stupid work so that I won't be a failure in life and can actually make some money. Well that is if the economy gets better in the next four years, because I'm a education major. Yay wasting my time much?! Yup, I know I should change my mind right now. Okay bye, back to this horrible hell week. This has to be two hundred and fifty words by now...

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