Identify Risk and Apply Risk Management Process

Published: 2021-09-11 06:25:12
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The organization I have selected in this report is a bus organization named Lion King Coaches. The bus organization has three buses which operate between Tullamarine airport and Melbourne CBD.

Task 1
Lionking Express Coaches is committed to operating in a way that ensures there is minimum risk of injury to workers, passengers and the general public. Management is responsible for the safety of the organization and promote a climate in which all persons are at low risk and ensure that controls are in place to reduce risks so far as reasonable practicable.
Lionking Express Coaches is committed to compliance with relevant parts of the Bus Safety Act 2009, Transport Integration Act 2010 and Bus Safety Regulations 2010.
Lionking Express Coaches is committed to continually improve safety performance levels by:
1. Avoid and minimize the risk of harm to persons arising from the transport system by developing transport infrastructure and transport system user behavior.
2. Manage and maintain safety of bus services by continuous improvement in bus safety management.
3. A safety culture among persons who participating in the provision of bus services.
4. Promote forms of transport and use of forms of energy which have the greatest benefit for and least neglect the impact on health and wellbeing.
5. Making manger and supervisors responsible for implementing the relevant section of the Management Information System and Maintenance Management System.

The above mentioned safety initiatives has been added to develop a safety policy for Lionking Express Coaches and these five points are the main objectives of BSA 2009.
Lionking Express Coaches has an effective risk management procedure in the work place which mainly reflects on six factors:
1) Determining the objectives of the organization
2) Identifying exposures to loss
3) Measuring those same exposures
4) Selecting alternatives
5) Implementing a solution
6) Monitoring the results.
These six steps help the organization in providing consistent risk management techniques across the organization. Specific standards to identify a risk or hazard have been developed by our bus organization. These standards allow them to identify which type of hazard or risk is and degree of that hazard or risk. After identifying the degree of that hazard or risk their safety committee identify how to eliminate that hazard or risk or if it is not possible they try to find other way to engineering particular risk.
All the information is taken and stored as formal information for future use.


Risk involved with following area in bus organization.
Risk Example
Commercial relationship Risk from other competitors
Economic circumstances and scenarios Increase in fuel prices or spare parts of buses

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