Illegal Immigration

Published: 2021-09-14 20:45:10
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In the article "A Solution to Illegal Immigration?," John Bambenek argues that the problem of illegal immigration has been caused by the government spending decades not enforcing the law and by "broadcasting" that the government has no intention of enforcing the law. For this reason Bambanek believes that America shouldn't blame immigrants for coming into America in hope for a better life. Bambenek proposes a solution to this issue. He argues that the government should perform a background check on all immigrants to detect if they have caused any problems. If that person has caused no problems he would be required to briefly return home and be allowed to return. Once they return they will be required to use legitimate information for any job they have and provide the same information to the government and they will have very limited access to welfare programs. Bambenek believes that more visas should be given to immigrants and the process for allowing them to get in should be simplified because this would prevent the "black market" immigrant transport problem occurring in America. Bombanek argues this solution to the immigration problem would be sufficient in getting all the legitimate workers documents while isolating the criminal elements involved in trying to get documented.

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