Implementation of a Performance Management Program

Published: 2021-09-10 02:10:07
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Implementation of a Performance Management ProgramErica PaulWalden UniversityApril 7, 2019Implementation of a Performance Management Program IntroductionDiscovery Point Child Development Centers is an organization that caters to the cognitive, social/emotional, fine and gross motor skills and language development of young children. Cliff and Diane Clark, based on their philosophy that children learn best through life experiences and hands-on activities, founded Discovery Point in the 1980s. Using a whole child approach to teaching and learning, and a creative curriculum, they were able to adopt a franchise model just three years after opening their first center in 1988. For the purpose of this assignment I will analyze the process of implementing a performance management program within this organization. This is a franchise, so each center is individually own. The program that each owner decides to put in place is according to his/her discretion. The center I will discuss is one that I was previously employed in my town of Duluth, Georgia. I will not disclose the full name, but will refer to the center as Discovery Point H. Benefits in Implementing a New Performance Management ProgramThe reasoning for choosing this particular location is straightforward. Its system lacks employee growth, effective communication, constructive feedback, benefits and pay is low resulting in high turnover rates throughout the year. Employees feel undervalued and unappreciated leading to a decrease in job satisfaction and engagement. They are afraid of voicing their opinions for fear of retaliation from the owner. Therefore, trust, respect and transparency between management and employees needs to be established. Ongoing feedback is nonexistent. Instead, most employees (except for the owners favorites) are bombarded with criticism and negative feedback on an almost daily basis. Little attention is paid to employee achievements and the positive reviews given by the families of the children they serve. Discovery Point H can truly benefit from a comprehensive and effective performance management program. Creating and implementing an effective program will ensure that the employees understand their value and the contribution to the organization’s goals and objectives. It can foster relationships built on trust and respect between management and employees through effective listening and communication, accountabilities and transparency. In turn, employees will be more satisfied because they feel like they are a part of the company and what they do has meaning. Discovery Point H’s employee turnover rate will not be as high (which lowers the company’s cost of rehiring and training and optimizes profits). Also, the teachers and other childcare workers will be paid according to their skills, experience and accreditation and not by what the owner decides is fair. Managers will be able to increase efficiency and consistency, but mainly improve performance, engagement and productivity.

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