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Published: 2021-09-10 08:00:08
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This course helped my out how to make a better cover letter but also why its important to make a cover letter. The job market today is very competitive and more aggressive then ever before. By this course I understood how to state my case in the cover letter. A clear picture of my goal can also be seen in the cover letter. I understood that by having an attractive cover letter, the employer respond you quickly because he has to choose between thousand of CVs.
Better understand of how to make cover letter in this course helped me to gain attention of the employer at first glance at my cover letter. Making a better cover letter make you stand out differently from others which I have learned in my course. Remember that many employers are swamped with hundreds, even thousands of resumes--and spend literally 10 seconds looking at your application.

You can only INCREASE your chances of success by introducing yourself in a professional manner. Years ago, cover letters were not deemed important. Only resume is needed to apply for a job together with certificates of employment/seminars/training. But today, the employment process has evolved and there are a lot of requirements to be submitted to land a job or just even an interview. Having a good cover letter will help you a lot in landing an interview and even a job.


By the help of career management course I have learned to write my cover letter specific and to the point because I got to know that employer don't have much time to read. They have only 10 seconds to go through your resume and cover letter. I also learned to describe my skills and abilities to best possible way. Strengths and abilities should be highlighted in the cover letter so that employer could know your potential.

Also let the employer know that how much you are interested in the company not how much your are desperate for the job. If possible, address any unique qualifications, strengths, or commonalities near the beginning of the letter to help the hiring manager remember you. If you've worked for a competitor from which your target employer has hired many other associates


From this course of career management I have learned a lot about RESUME. Because its your reflection to the employer. When making a resume we should always highlight relevant information and should avoid irrelevant information and avoid long life stories.
When writing a resume always make sure you use the decent language and should avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Resumes should be sophicticated and decent and should attract the employer at first sight. Your resume should highlight your abilities and skills boldly so that employer should not miss it even by mistake.
What type of resume chosen and why ?

The chronological order is in reverse, with your most recent accomplishments, experience, and education listed first and followed by the rest. We have chosen chronological order of Resume because we are looking for our first job in the market and the graduate degree is the one which matter most and is the recent one to its comes on the top. The hiring manager wants to know where you've worked, what your career progression has been (titles and responsibilities), what you've accomplished and what your academic background is. A chronological resume format is the easiest way to gather this information, in the shortest amount of time.

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