In Defense of Gender Written by Cyra McFadden

Published: 2021-09-11 13:00:09
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        IN DEFENSE OF GENDER written by Cyra McFadden        In my article the author is trying to show that the neutering of the English language on the west coast is laughable. Both in written and spoken. I believe she is trying to show in what we would call being “politically correct” that the language is being butchered. My opinion of the authors goal has not changed since week 1. After using what I learned in week two I think I have a better understanding of what the authors goal is.         Some new key points that I have discovered after re reading my article one would be a personal experience she shares in the second paragraph. “At 15, when I worked in my first job- as what is now known as a newspaper copy person”. She would go running towards the voices of men yelling “Boy”. I believe she is trying to show a personal opinion that “male pronouns” did not and still don’t bother her. Later in the article paragraph Seven she uses an example from a professional conference she attended. Where she heard, a text crammed with “he/shes” and “his/her’s”. Hear she uses an observation to help show her claim.                The audience I will be trying to address in my essay is the group that feels everything does need to be gender neutral. There will defiantly be some challenges in convincing this group. While I personally am open to the need to change some things about the way society writes and speak some words. My audience may be steadfast in their opinion that the male dominated language needs to be completely change. If everyone can be opened minded maybe there can be some sort of compromise.      

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