In What Ways Did Ideas and Values Held by Puritans Influence the Political, Economic, and Social Development of the New England Colonies from 1630 Through the 1660s?

Published: 2021-08-30 12:15:09
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As Puritans being members of the Church of England they greatly influenced the political, social, and economic development of the New England colonies from 1630 to 1660 by organizing their community as a theocracy. When New England organized their colonies as theocracies they became ruled by religion and God. New England colonies became very close so that they could work together as one.
The Puritans influenced Political Development of New England by governmental power being ruled by shareholders who elected governor and his assistants. They elected John Winthrop as a governor who leads the Puritans of the church, also led to the new developments in New England as he served over a decade. Due to Winthrop, the colonies had laws in which followed the Puritan codes. Anyone who went against the codes would face major consequences an example of this would be “Roger Williams,’ ” A Plea For Religious Liberty,’’ 1644.” in which he was banished for arguing that Massachusetts should have religious tolerance. John Winthrop wanted everyone to be “knit together” in which the example of “John Winthrop, ‘ “A Modell Of Christian Charity,” ‘ 1630.” which creates the social development of people working together to become a better community.

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