Increasing Creativity

Published: 2021-09-10 12:05:10
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Increasing Creativity in
the Workplace

Management 340
July 4, 2010

Table of Contents

* Introduction 3
* Definitions 3
* Why Creativity is Important 3-4
* Training Methods 4-5
* Research Findings 6
* Recommendations 7
* Conclusion 8
* Reference List 9
* Appendix 10

Do you want to increase ideas and or production within your organization and gain a leg up on your competition? Well, you may be under utilizing your best assets, your employees. Employees have the creative potential to drive companies into the forefront of their industries and all you may need to do is increase the creativity within the organization. Within this report you will be given the reasoning behind why creativity is so important to organizations, the research proving the validity of training methodologies, and the recommendations managers can take to increase creativity.
What is Creativity?
Creativity is the production of novel ideas that are made useful (Puccio, Firestien, Coyle, & Masucci, 2006). Workplace creativity is defined as a valuable, useful new product, service, idea, procedure, or process by individuals working in a complex social system (James, Brodersen, & Eisenberg, 2004). Creativity can flourish in the right environments, so managers need to be prepared to adapt companies to increase creativity. Organizations must know how different types of individuals respond to various work place conditions and tasks (James et al.).
Why is Creativity Important?
Creativity in the workforce is important to the survival of any organization because it enables companies to adapt and implore changes from within. Organizations today need innovation and creativity to remain competitive (Dickson, 2006). Increasing creativity is important for a business because it is a valuable and usable opportunity that helps to differentiate companies from their competition. New products ad new ideas are constantly needed to gain that competitive edge (Dickson, 2006). Creative thinking leads to an overall increase in a company's performance. Without a creative workforce everything would forever remain the same. Procedures would never change, new ideas would never be brought to the table, and products and services would never adapt to the changing market.

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