Indian Electronics Industry

Published: 2021-09-15 02:25:11
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The Electronics Industry in India took off around 1965 with an orientation towards space
and defence technologies. This was rigidly controlled and initiated by the government. This
was followed by developments in consumer electronics mainly with transistor radios, Black
& White TV, Calculators and other audio products. Colour Televisions soon followed. In
1982-a significant year in the history of television in India - the government allowed
thousands of colour TV sets to be imported into the country to coincide with the broadcast
of Asian Games in New Delhi. 1985 saw the advent of Computers and Telephone
exchanges, which were succeeded by Digital Exchanges in 1988. The period between 1984
and 1990 was the golden period for electronics during which the industry witnessed
continuous and rapid growth.
From 1991 onwards, there was first an economic crises triggered by the Gulf War which was
followed by political and economic uncertainties within the country. Pressure on the
electronics industry remained though growth and developments have continued with

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