Individual Leadership Deveploment Project

Published: 2021-09-10 14:30:10
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I hold a rational sense that undergraduate training on Management is far from sufficient for my acceding to family's career, both academically and mentally. The financial crisis in 2008 brought about huge concussion to my family's shoe enterprise. To sustain the business is never beyond my concern any more, I started to realize my 'burden' of responsibilities and necessaries of professional knowledge on management. That might account for the motivation behind to pursue higher education on management at WVU.
I think theory comes first in this project. as for the organizational behavior class in this summer, I would like to spare no effort to seize the theories of human behavior, individual differences and the process of influencing others toward the achievement of objectives since the theories are the foundation of practice. It is the first step for me to develop individual leadership.
Beyond the class, it is also necessary for me to apply these theories in the real life to understand the basics of behavioral processes within an organizational context since it is essential for the development of individual leadership. In my opinion, internship may be unrealistic of our international students now, but our study team is a good place to develop our individual leadership. Among the team, there are so many tasks need to be completed, each team member can be the leader of several task. I would learn how to communicate with each team member to promote the team morale and cooperation efficiency. During teamwork time, I would carry on constant introspection about individual leadership.
After my graduation, I think I will practice myself in the enterprise to cooperate with colleagues to solve different problems and it is conductive to develop my individual leadership.
At last, I will combine the theories learnt in the class and the practical experience in the team and company to rethink about the individual leadership. I believe that I will have a renewed sense of that.

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