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To some people, industrialization is one of the most important and most wonderful things that have occurred in the past 400 years. To a limited extent, I agree. Without industrialization, we would be nowhere as far along technologically. This holds true for almost all beneficial things in history: the good exceeds the bad. Thus, I believe that the trend towards industrialization in the 19th century was a good thing. Some Positive about the American industrialization were it improved people's daily lives, transportation and technology was increased hugely, and it gave Jobs to people such as working in factories. Although industrialization had a dark side, such as families were split up, as different family members went to work in the factories, environmental damage, exploitation, and political corruption; I have found that the benefits far exceed the drawbacks.
The Industrialization put harm into the environment, human contamination of the earth's atmosphere has existed since humans first began to use fire for heating, cooking, and agriculture, approximately one-half million years ago. During the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pollution became a major problem with the introduction of the steam engine and a series of technological advances that led to the production of goods shifting from homes and small factories to large industrial factories. The invention of more productive processes to manufacture cotton textiles contributed greatly to the number of mills located in England, and later in the northeastern United States. The steam engine allowed capitalists to transfer their manufacturing plants away from naturally flowing waters (outside the city) to areas inside and around cities where more abundant labor was available. Pollution increased because of the more concentrated conditions within the industrializing cities and because of the use of artificially produced power (such as coal) that replaced the natural power of fast-running rivers. It majorly effected our environment so that was a big downfall of the revolution.

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