Innovative Technologies and the Rawness of Human Intellect

Published: 2021-09-01 16:50:15
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CHAPTER ITHE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUNDBackground of the study          Today’s generation revolved around the existence of innovative technologies and the rawness of human intellect. One of the advance technologies of today’s generation is called “Cellular Phone” which is very significant to the lives of mankind. We used it daily in order to communicate with our love ones, to share information and ideas, to transmit calls and messages, as well as entertainment purposes. Internet is one of the major phenomenon and cause of using cellular phone, because the addiction of youth when it comes to internet is wide and immense.        One of the advantages of using a cellular phone is we can deliver our messages and calls quickly, not unlike the traditional way of sending messages which is very inconvenient. We use cellular phone to share our thoughts and ideas on the internet, this will help us be aware of the latest trends, news, and event all over the world. To the contrary, the disadvantage of using a cellular phone is that you are being stock, spending almost all of the time soaked in using phone. It is possible also that they will browse different kinds of links and medias that contains pornographies, and any pages or links that must not be open by very young users, they will also learn to be lazy and indolent. Therefore, using of different gadgets must be delimit. We have to use it on a proper way and proper guidance of adults. This study aims to identify the advantage and disadvantages of cellphone usage to (GHT 03A) it is all up to the student who uses the mobile phone. We will know if some of the students can improve themselves using

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