Inspiration Versus Influence Paper

Published: 2021-09-14 18:45:09
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Inspiration Versus Influence Paper

Sometimes I can be intrinsically inspired and extrinsically motivated depending on what the situation might actually be. There's different variables that play a factor in deciding which one you actually are. For example, wanting to workout trying to get your body as such requires a lot of motivation because working out can actually be a drag and it's certainly not pleasurable.
What gets me out of bed every morning is wanting to be extremely successful so I'll have the ability to pursue anything I want in life. My biggest fear is not being successful and a failure so I'm doing everything in my power to make sure I don't go down that road life my deadbeat dad. He doesn't take care of his responsibilities as a man and that inspire and motivate me to work hard now so I don't have to later which will position me to be able an take care of my family.
The parts of life I find to be inspiring is really everything. The college environment that I'm in strives me to do what I have to do and graduate so I can get out of here and start the next chapter of my life. Seeing students graduate and moving on really makes me think. It kind of scares me knowing what the real world can actually be as such. But I'm up for the challenge and going to continue to get better everyday so I'll be ready to make that next step.
When I make goals and achieve it, I don't necessarily reward myself for that particular accomplishment. My reward is to keep positioning myself to move up to the next phase in my life so I can exceed all goals that are set. Since my main priorities are going to school and doing my work, that's the only thing that drains me tediously day in and day out. School can be overwhelming at times which would make you feel like giving up but it can also motivate you to complete whatever you've started knowing the outcome is very beneficial.

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