International Parents and Students’ Perceptions and Expectations on an Australian Degree Program in Kkuic

Published: 2021-09-07 08:35:06
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KHON KAEN UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGERESEARCH PROPOSALINTERNATIONAL PARENTS AND STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS ON AN AUSTRALIAN DEGREE PROGRAM IN KKUICJANUARY 1ST 2014ContentsChapter I : Introduction        Background        Problem statements        Purposes of the study        Research Questions        Research Hypothesis        Definition of Terms        Limitations of the study        Chapter II: Literature Review        Chapter III: Methodology        Data collection: Methods and Venues        Data Analysis        Chapter IV: Results        Expected Results        Future Studies        Expected budget        Bibliography        Appendix 1        Appendix 2        Chapter I : IntroductionBackgroundKhon Kaen University International College(KKUIC), established in 2008, is a part of Khon Kaen University(KKU), one of the four regional universities of Thailand established in 1964. KKU is now one of the top universities in Thailand, a home to over 40,000 students studying in 17 faculties, 1 satellite campus, 1 school and 3 colleges (Khon Kaen University, Thailand). KKUIC is one of those colleges and with degree programs provided entirely by English, KKUIC is the strategic tool of KKU to reach overseas students. There are approximately 500 students in KKUIC, with the majority of Thai students. There are currently 5 Bachelor Degree programs available: Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Tourism Management; Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business and International Marketing; and Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Animation. There are approximately 500 students in KKUIC.        Federation University Australia (FedUni)  is a dual-sector university with multiple campuses in Victoria, Australia. It is the result of emerging the University of Ballarat and Monash University (About FedUni - Federation University Australia). The school is centered in Ballarat, but there are also campuses in Ararat, Horsham and Stawell, offering technical and further education (TAFE) and Horsham's Higher Education Nursing program. The Ballarat and Mount Helen campuses offer traditional university programs, a few of which are Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing and Art. 

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