Internet Plagiarism

Published: 2021-09-15 07:00:09
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Internet Plagiarism
Is the usage of the internet as a source of information being abused? There have been reports of how students of today's generation tend to copy paste everything from the internet without citation in their papers, which means the accusation could be true. First let us define the key variables, first is the internet, Well the internet is defined as an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world, it also as a research material cause it basically has everything you want to search, while plagiarism is defined as taking someone else's work and placing it as your own.
It was stated that students who copy paste their assignments or other school works from the internet gained a lot of public attention, it was said that Internet plagiarism reflected academic dishonesty among students thus, making the students of today have questionable academic integrity. Although some reports might say that it is the main purpose of the internet, to make researching easy and to provide us information and that the meaning or the definition of something cannot be changed which is the reason why they just copy and paste, academic professionals have said that you should at least do a citation or maybe write it based on how you understand it. But still no matter how we look at it internet plagiarism is wrong because it teaches us to be lazy and affect the way we think.

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