Interpersonal Communication

Published: 2021-09-14 11:45:10
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The film that have I chosen to examine for interpersonal conflict is Hitch (2005). The interpersonal conflict that occurs in this film is the lack of communication experienced by two individuals that eventually form an intimate relationship. As we have learned "clear communication is necessary to give and receive information" (Sole, 2011). Instead of giving each other a chance to communicate to avoid misconceptions about each other and explain intention, they continue to have instances where conflict rears its ugly head. Understanding the importance and purpose of effective communication, they could have avoided conflict between one another, explained their intention with each other, and discussed each others occupation to prevent harsh feelings of deceit.
In the film, Hitch is portrayed as a confident gentleman who can help any man achieve any woman based on his golden rule regarding women. In actuality, Hitch is confident in his dealings with other relationships and not in his own due to past relationships woes. Sara, on the other hand, is super confident but it's very lonely. The lack of confidence that he has in his own relationships and her super confidence causes them to clash when they could actually take the time to hear each other out. Instances when communication they realize that they are comfortable and content with each other.

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