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Published: 2021-09-13 13:00:09
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The main purpose of this intervention report is to assess a primary student who has some difficulties with some form of weakness in either literacy or numeracy; this intervention is mainly based on a Year One student who has difficulties with the concept of the comprehension during literacy sessions. This will be achieved by going over the reading and the questions with the student to ensure that they understand what the short text is about and what the question may be asking the student to identify from within the short text. This will include using strategies to identify and make connection about key events, ideas and information within the text, which should have been covered by end of Year One (according to Australian Curriculum, 2012) and venturing further than Year One standard if time allows.

Student Profile

Anakin is a male and approximately six years of age in Year One. Up until now, Anakin has mainly worked in a classroom environment, and this could be a contributing factor as to why he is having some difficulties comprehending the text and identifying the answers. Anakin may not be able to understand what the questions are actually asking him to identify from within the short text. He may also not have an understanding that he can read over the short text while answering questions to identify the answer instead of just reading the text once.

Prior to the assessment being conducted, general abilities of the student including understanding and applying a range of different reading strategies in order to decode unfamiliar words and vocabulary. This incorporates the concept of reading and writing appropriately sequences ideas in a range of text types, including recounts, letters and persuasive pieces, and use simple punctuation correctly. All students are able to recognise words, able to write words and sentences as well as able to read different texts.

Identification and description of learning difficulties

There were several ways in which Anakin's learning difficulties was identified. Essentially an interview with his teacher was held in order to identify what particular learning difficulties he may have had within the classroom. Anakin were given a comprehension worksheet as a means of assessment before instruction (McMillian, 2007, pg. 7). This assessment was to determine Anakin's prior knowledge and had no time restrictions, thus reducing any possible anxiety within the student (McMillian, 2007, pg. 187). Anakin were then interviewed about his thinking and understanding behind the incorrect or correct answers on his assessment. This enabled the interviewer to determine whether or not Anakin has an understanding of the concept of comprehension reading and questions.

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