Intervention Strategy

Published: 2021-09-10 08:35:08
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Intervention strategies are used to limit or create conflict during the negotiation process and the implementation of the strategy is determined by the negotiation situation at hand. Five main intervention strategies may be utilized and these include; competing with other parties, compromising with other parties, accommodating other parties, avoiding the issues, and collaborating with other parties. Competing with the other parties is a suitable strategy when a swift resolution is necessary for an uncomplicated and straight-forward problem. This strategy is also used when the essential resolution is not liked and collaboration from the other parties is doubtful. A compromising approach occurs when every party are of equivalent significance and all parties have some influence to sway the outcome; this is characterized by bargaining and trading. While the final result typically has the endorsement from those concerned, it does not give clear results for multifaceted issues. This strategy is used to achieve a temporary solution quickly while a more enduring solution is being well thought-out and planned.
Mediation is conducted by an impartial party. Mediation is voluntary, controlled, collaborative, and confidential. Having an impartial and neutral party mediate the negotiations would have given all involved an equal and balanced responsibility, with no favoring or biased results. It is the mediator's job to make sure that each party can reach a proper agreement in an informed manner that does not include coercion or intimidation.

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