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Published: 2021-09-13 13:05:10
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Welcome and thank you for participating. I am here to talk about what I consider to be a very important topic. The focus of today's interview will revolve around volunteer work, specifically volunteer work involving Children and their health. Children's Hospital Oakland has partnered up with Holy Innocents Children's Hospital (HICH) in Uganda. We want to get your opinions on volunteer work and learn about what motivates you. Please be candid with your responses.

1. What is your occupation? NICU nurse at Children's Hospital Oakland
2. What is your age? 61
3. Have you heard of Children's Hospital Oakland? What are your thoughts?

4. Have you volunteered in the last 5 years? Foster children. Not with your medical background. Consulting with the counties b/c of the fragile children who goes into the foster homes. Help foster parents during transitional.
5. If you have not, may I ask why?

As I ask the following questions, think of what would motivate you to give in the future and answer from that perspective.

6. Which volunteer opportunities draw your interest most? Working with children.

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