Intrinsic Motivation

Published: 2021-09-13 19:10:09
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We always hear these two types of motivation. Intrinsic and extrinsic. What is the meaning? I try to explain one by one .. Intrinsic motivationIntrinsic motivation refers to motivation motivated by interest or pleasure in self-employment, and exists in individuals rather than relying on any external pressure.Intrinsic motivation is based on self-satisfaction, pleasure in performing activities rather than working towards external rewards.Intrinsic motivation has been studied since the early 1970s. An intrinsically motivated student is more likely to engage in volunteer work such as helping others who are in trouble, and working to improve their skills and improve their ability. Students may be intrinsic if they:Describing their educational outcomes to factors under their own control, also known as autonomy, for example if students not studying will fail. If diligent study can pass.They believe that skills enable them to become effective change agents to achieve the desired goals. Not to surrender to mere fateAre interested and able to master the topics learned, rather than simply learning memorization to achieve good grades.Extrinsic motivationExtrinsic motivation refers to the performance of activities in order to achieve results, determined by external forces. Extrinsic motivation is usually in conflict with intrinsic motivation.

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