Introduction and Thesis Statement

Published: 2021-08-31 17:15:08
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I. Introduction and Thesis Statement
* I am going to introduce the gaming console as a whole by starting talking about advancement in general technology and lead it into the game console.
* My thesis: From the first system only supporting geometric shapes for graphics to the technologically advanced graphics we enjoy today, video games and game consoles have changed the world in more than one way.
II. Events that Led to the Advancement
* Will discuss the invention of tv from black and white to colored television and this will lead for me to talk about the first game consoles that were made to be played at home.

III. Effects of Advancement
* Will touch on the advancement in graphics from 8-bit to 64-bit graphics, and now to present day of cg animated games and the power involved in consoles to run this.
* Will speak about Nintendo's invention and how the first real marketed game console hit homes across the nation, and how it affected families and the economy because other companies took up the notion to make a home gaming console.
* This portion will talk about the changes world wide that gaming in general accomplished. From hosting extremely large events that have a dedicated week to explain new games consoles, and the advancements within the industry. Also how the concept of E-Sports came to be.

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