Introduction Education Income Unemployment or Early Childhood

Published: 2021-09-11 21:35:08
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Social Determinants of HealthHealing Practices for Nurses - PNH101N1BInstructor: ANNELIA EPIEOctober 26, 2015Introduction education income unemployment or early childhood The Social determinants of health (SDH) are the circumstancesin which human beings are born, raised up, work, live and develop, and the economical strategies, social standards affecting their daily life. The social determinants of health can impact individual daily live physically, psychologically and financially. For instance, parents who raise their children on their own carry double responsibility of a parent. Thus, it is obvious that will perform double responsibility, which leads to distress situations and bigger economical responsibilities. Individuals in those households may not eat fiber and vitamin rich foods and this may cause to vitamin deficiency disease.  As a result they will be less productive in their studies and at work. It is the financial independency of a parent determines the health of the household.As it is stated by Kozier, the Canadian concept of health is seriously influenced by the social determinants of healthaccording to whichhealth of the individuals are formed by the environment, which they live-in rather than the medical treatmentsthey are provided to or the lifestyle they prefer to live. These living conditions of daily practices have beenrecognized as the social determinants of health (Kozier, 2012). Social determinants of health are the causes that influence individual’sdaily livingcondition to their Education, mental health and unemployment.Jessica Riley-Family History         In this household, Jessica is a 17 years old single mom who was also raised up by a single mother (Evelyn). She has two younger siblings.When Jessica was 7 thefather left leaving all the responsibility to Evelyn. Regardless the hardship Evelyn go through, Jessica did not take a lesson. Before she finishes her high school, she got pregnant from her boyfriend and he left her alone when she was 4 months pregnant to Ryan.  Thus, Jessica conflicts with herself, her supportive mom and it became an obstacle in herstudies.Also Jessica mental health was influenced by the stressful situation in the single parented home. Jessica decided to leave her mom and jumbled to a new relationship with Casey. She became pregnant again from Casey. Casey was unemployed and unhappy. He was unable to take care of Rayan and start to abuse Jessica. She was pregnant and working extra hours for the family.Jessica was denies the abuse and afraid Casey will leave her alone. This endangers Ryan’s health and Jessica as well.

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