Introduction Specific Heat of Metal

Published: 2021-09-14 12:00:10
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Introduction Specific Heat of Metal
Every substance has the ability to absorb and give up heat. A calorimeter is equipment in which heat exchange takes place between 2 fluids that enter and exit at different temperatures. The main function of calorimeter is to either remove heat from a hot fluid or to add heat to the cold fluid. Purpose of this is to use the specific heat of water to calculate heat lost or gained.
Use the information to determine the object in question. Aluminum is the best choice for now.

Specific Heat Values for Selected Substances
Substance Specific Heat
Cal/g o C J/g oC
Water, H2O (liquid) 1.00 4.18
Iron 0.11 0.46
Copper 0.093 0.39
Aluminum 0.22 0.92
Lead 0.031 0.13
Materials needed for this are: Thermometer, Bunsen burner, ring stand, iron ring, wire screen, 400-mL beaker, balance or small balance, calorimeter (Styrofoam cup and cover), stirring rod, forceps, and metal object.
Safety glasses and gloves are worn to prevent injury. Also careful instructions were given before the experiment started.
Start off by filling the 400-mL beaker about two-thirds full of water. Then set up the ring stand with iron ring about 6cm above the top of the Bunsen burner and place the beaker with water on a wire screen. Carefully, light the Bunsen burner and start heating the water in the beaker to boiling point. Then obtain a metal object, record the weight of 10.12g and tie a length of string or fishing line to the metal object. Carefully place the metal object (aluminum, steel, lead, brass) in the boiling water and allow it to boil for 10 minutes. With the metal object in it, the temperature was measured with a thermometer and it was 97oC.

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