Introduction to Methodology Selection

Published: 2021-09-15 00:45:08
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Cockburn (2000) states that, methodologies include by the very least; people, roles, skills, teams, tools, techniques, , processes, activities, milestones, work products, standards, quality measures, and team values. The focus of the project selected to be analyzed in this documentation involves a public sector project requiring priority ranking methods and process re-engineering.

Shown below are the main factors compromising of this project methodology. The proposed solution in chapter 1.2 requires guidance and a framework to be implemented. The methodology comparisons and analysis done in this documentation will be mainly focused on solving the current problem with the limited requirements available.

* People:
* Roles:
* Skills:
* Teams:
* Tools:
* Techniques:
* Processes:
* Activities:
* Milestones:
* Work products:
* Standards:
* Quality measures:
* Team values:

Underlying principals are essential to understand the processes, methodologies, design selections.

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