Investigating Staus and Roles

Published: 2021-09-14 23:55:11
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during my self analysis I completed the sentence "I am." Twenty times, completing it with my own individual characteristics. I then had my interviewee do the same about him. During my self-analysis attached in Appendix A I discovered three role sets each from an ascribed status, achieved status, and master status.
The first role set I uncovered was from my ascribed status of "Wife". I determined
my role set for this status daughter, siblings, friends . My determining for these
role sets is because of my status as a wife I have created, or changed relationships
with my husband, my siblings, friends and co- workers. I tend to act differently as a wife in front of my family when dealing with my husband . How my husband and I may interact privately tends to be different than how we act in front of our family. Also now we have relationships with new people such as neighbors and other married couples. Such relationships I did not have or see need in the same way I do now as a wife. The second role set I uncovered was from my achieved status of "World Traveler". I determined my role set for this status was; travel agents, airline workers, security personnel, hotel concierges, and limo personnel. I frequently socialize with all of these personnel when I travel. If I were to not converse at a social level with these role sets traveling would become difficult to impossible. I have also learned from each different role set, information that benefits me. Some information I learned enables me to make better traveling decisions. Such examples are: finding out special points of interest or local knowledge of an area, attaining advanced information of potential delays in travel, new policies, or improvements in services that directly affect me.

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