Investigative officers Duty

Published: 2021-09-14 12:55:11
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At this point whatever the investigative officer does upon arrival determines what happens in court, whether or not an effective arrest will be conducted, and whether or not the right evidence will be conducted (Lyman, 2008, p. 328). The investigator must put space between the suspect and the victim. They must be questioned separately so that the suspect has no chance of intimidating the victim and the tension decreases. By decreasing the tension between the parties it ensures safety for the victim and any other parties involved. At this point before questioning the suspect, the officer must read him his Miranda warning to be sure that if the suspect blurts out any incriminating statements they can be used against him in court. After questioning both parties physical evidence must be must be collected. In this case the bruises on the wife's arm support her testimony and prove that her husband was the primary aggressor, which will lead to his arrest. They will have to immediately separate them from each other because the fact that the husband has his head down and is shaking back and forth seems to me like he may be about to explode, and it is the duty of the officer to relieve the tension and have the operation go as smoothly as possible for himself and the victim. The legal requirements that the police officers have to consider are whether or not there had been a domestic violence case involving either person prior to this incident, the seriousness of the injuries inflicted on each person, potential for future injury, whether the alleged assault was committed in self defense, and any other factor that helps the officer decide which person was the primary physical aggressor

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