Investment and Assessment - the Target Corporation

Published: 2021-09-10 16:05:09
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Corporations can choose to invest in ways to meet defined company goals and also in the financial investments of stockholders and stakeholders. Investments can be in the form of money, time or policy support. By investing in these areas, companies will likely see financial growth in the end. Furthermore, measurements are designed to identify company progress toward meeting company goals developed for four areas: 1) Employee development (knowledge and skills), 2) Business processes, 3) Customer satisfaction, and 4) Financial growth. (Southern New Hampshire University, 2011). Now more than ever, corporations have the added pressure to be more accountable and more transparent to its stakeholders. Knowing that a corporation is socially responsible is no longer enough, and proof is now warranted. As per Waddock, "As a result, new systems for monitoring, verifying, and certifying company performance, both in extended supply chains and within established companies themselves, are emerging as means of establishing credibility" (p. 276). These assessments consist of certifications that allow companies to verify for themselves and stakeholders, that they are accomplishing goals according to approved guidelines. Examples of these include the AA1000, SA8000 and ISO 14000 and all assist organizations in becoming more accountable, responsible and sustainable.

The Target Corporation has always prided itself in being a responsible corporate citizen through social, environmental, and economic responsibility initiatives. These include community giving through financial and product contributions, plus volunteer hours; working together to lessen environmental impact; and a commitment to strong corporate governance to name a few. (Target, 2011). Target has invested in their shareholders, by remodeling 341 general merchandise stores in 2010, which included a broader grocery assortment, along with the latest merchandising innovations across the store, including home, beauty, electronics, video games and shoes. This company also now offers an additional 5 percent discount nearly every time guests use their Target debit and credit cards. (Target, 2011). Target is also investing in their customer base by entering new markets. In January 2011, this company announced plans to extend their brand beyond the United States for the first time by opening 100 to 150 Target stores in Canada by 2013 and 2014. Additionally, in September 2010, Target announced plans to make the largest single charitable donation in Target's history: $500 million by the end of 2015 to support education. In regards to team members, their families and the communities, the Target Corporation continues to focus on their well being, as well as delivering an employment experience that team members enjoy and candidates seek. Investing in safety and preparedness and responsible sourcing is also priority for this organization, which is committed to high ethical standards and strong

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