Invisible Gorilla - Topline Summary

Published: 2021-09-02 17:00:13
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Invisible Gorilla
Executive Summary
* Don't assume you see everything there is to see. You probably think you remember things better than you do. Confident people don't necessarily have better memories, knowledge, or abilities. Don't assume you know the cause of something. Be skeptical of claims that simple tricks can improve your thinking. You can develop high levels of expertise if you study and practice the right way. Try to slow down, relax, and examine your assumptions before you jump to conclusions. After reading this book you won't be as sure of yourself, but you will have new insights to how your mind works, and new ways of understanding why people act the way they do because of the illusions that affect us all.

Illusion of memory
* The illusion of memory happens when what we remember is different from what we think we remember. What is stored in memory is not an exact replica of reality, but a re-creation of it. When we recall a memory, we integrate details we remember with our expectations of what we should remember. Emotional memories, like the ones we have for 9/11, are more likely to induce strong, vivid recall - regardless of whether they are accurate. Beware of memories accompanied by strong emotions and vivid details. They are just as likely to be wrong as mundane memories, but you're far less likely to realize it

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