Is Global Warming Due to Human Actions and Can Human Race Take Actions to Stop Global Warming?

Published: 2021-09-14 13:10:11
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Is global warming due to human actions and can human race take actions to stop global warming?
This paper is primarily based on contemplating the issue of global warming on the grounds of the role played by humanity in increasing the incidence of global warming, while also discussing the existential possibility of any ways in which humans can acquire control over the grave consequences produced by this greatest environmental rival of all times. Facts and discussion presented in this paper are meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that "agricultural and industrial revolution, land-use change, and an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations are all such human actions which have raised global warming rate and acts like recycling, energy conservation, and tree plantation can help reduce this."
(Drallos, 2009) lays stress on the fact that human activity has played a significant role in exponentially increasing the rate of global warming owing to the increased burning of fossil fuels and industrial emissions which increases the CO2 gas concentration in the atmosphere and this plays a direct role in increasing the Earth's temperature. Actually, the human population has been increasing so tremendously over the past many years that there seems no apparent end to the ongoing use of land, energy, and fossils, thus environmental scientists tend to be at loss of applying any useful strategy for controlling this dramatic and urgent environmental emergency. In the research report presented by (Drallos, 2009), it is also mentioned that since the beginning of the industrial revolution, massive amounts of CO2 gas have been released in the atmosphere continuously and not only that, global temperatures are also on a constant rise with the result that this rising global warming trend has succeeded in producing changes in the Earth map.

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