Is There a Need to Adopt a Religion

Published: 2021-09-13 22:40:10
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Today, people are always busy with their work, kids attending interest classes, students having tutor lessons, even adults are taking lectures in order to do more advanced studies, but have they ever thought of their religion's principles? Or do they even have one?

Nowadays, people always concentrate on their work and overlooked their need of a religion which I think that it is important for today's people to adopt one, no matter it is from the eastern or western. People are too tensed up by many things such as tests from school or projects from work. They have high expectations from themselves and to others; this is just totally the other way round of what Taoism suggests. Taoism suggests not striving for 'the best', just accept 'good enough' and be contented and happy, and it teaches simplicity, frugality and love of the soil. If we accept more and pursue less, we will lead a happier life and less people will be suffering from depression.

Buddhism, which aims at concentration and freeing the mind from desires is also a good religion for nowadays' people to adopt as we are always concerning about how much we earn, how can we benefit from this and how should we show off our possessions in order to gain a higher social status etc. But if we free our mind from all these desires, we will find out that there are many things in this world which deserve to have our attentions more than those luxuries, such as there are always people who need our help and we should try our best to help them in different ways.

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