Italian Food - Legal and Ethical Issues

Published: 2021-09-01 10:30:12
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Legal and Ethical issues

Code of ethics is a way of displaying responsible behaviour towards people, giving a positive attitude and acting appropriately. It is about having good practices and morals. It can also be a set of rules that portray how people should act in the workplace. Different countries have different laws to comply with.

`Code of Ethics are very important in the Events Industry because if it is not followed then many things could go wrong and it all falls onto the Event Organiser. Ethical behaviour means it is the right thing to do, which doesn't necessarily mean that everyone abides by that.

There are many forms of unethical behaviour, such as;

- Booking multiple venues for the same event and then cancelling last minute
- Moving the event to another room (Not putting a clause into the contract exempting this)

Famil Tours
- Putting a proposal together for a piece of business. This when a venue offers the organiser a free lunch/dinner or overnight stay and the organiser does not intend to use the venue.

Gifts or kickbacks
- Bribery, such as money will be offered.

- Additional money might be leftover and handed to the organiser and they keep it. It should be handed back to the client and used toward the event.

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