J & W Pastry Public Relation

Published: 2021-09-11 01:05:08
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Summary of J&W Pastry J & W Pastry is owned by Mrs. McDonald who used to work at an insurance company and did baking in her spear time and takes the baked products to work with her to share with her friends. There was a general feeling at work that Mrs. McDonald’s pastries were very healthy, tasty and attractive. Members from other departments were coming to Mrs. McDonald for pastry and this had motivated her to start selling to recover her cost and to supplement her income.Mrs. McDonald’s striving business at work came to an abrupt end when the insurance company was taken over by investors from Trinidad. Everyone in the company was given severance pay with the option of being re-employed under the new management. However because of the stead fast demand for her products she rejected the re-employment offer and uses her severance pay to start a pastry store.  As it relates to public relation very little promotion was done for the new pastry store. Mr. McDonald created some flyers on his computer and Mrs. McDonald distributed them along the strip to Banks, Insurance Companies and other business places.Mrs. McDonald was thinking of doing some advertisement on the radio but decided against it when she was told of the cost of doing so. Mrs. McDonald felt that the quality of her product should have a competitive advantage as there was no other store in the area that was offering similar products.Her pricing strategy was based on her own personal feelings about her products and her perceptions of her customers. She has not done any empirical research to substantiate her feelings.  The price of products at J&W Pastry was approximate 15% more than the nearest competitor.

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