Jeffrey Bullock

Published: 2021-08-31 12:50:13
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Jeffrey Bullock was the keynote speaker at the corporate governance discussion held in the lobby of Alfred Lerner Hall at the University of Delaware. There was not a large audience as it consisted of corporate finance students and other Delaware government officials. Jeffrey Bullock is currently Delaware's Secretary of State. His topic of the day was the economy position Delaware is currently in and where it will be in the future. This topic was fit for the speaker as he has a bachelor's degree in economics and his profession focuses on this issue every day. It was very easy to tell that Mr. Bullock's speech was well prepared and rehearsed based on his strong delivery.
Jeff Bullock had several positive points in his speech. His main points were clearly defined and were backed up by strong evidence. Along with a well prepared speech, Jeff adapted to the environment very well. His introduction was not as strong as it could have been because of microphone difficulties. Jeff also mentioned to the audience before his speech that he had developed a cold and it affected the volume of his voice. He was able to adjust his voice so the audience could hear his message until the microphone was fixed. Another noticeable positive about Jeffrey's speech was that he made sure to relate the economy issues to the college students. "This explains why tuition continues to increase every other year" and "You have to make sure you put yourself in a position to be financially stable in the future". These were two strong statements Jeff used in his speech that really hit home with the audience. He mentioned we are at a point of uncertainty with our economy and gave us a reason why school is important although it continues to get more expensive. Jeffrey's conclusion was dynamic as well leaving us with a strong statement, "So yes our economy may not be in the position where we want it to be and though it seems that it will be better in the future, I believe if you all put yourselves in a stable financial position, then whether good or bad you will not have to worry."
Overall Jeffrey Bullock was a great speaker who delivered his topic to the audience effectively. If I was able to give him some advice to improve future speeches, I would tell him to use visual aids, give more eye contact, and move around the podium a little more. Jeff did seem to look at his notes more than needed at times which prevented him to give adequate eye contact with the audience. He also did not have any visual aid to help deliver his speech although it did not seem to hurt his delivery or his message. Jeffrey should continue to use his hand gestures, pauses, and always be prepared for the unknown such as the microphone malfunction that occurred.

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