Jelly Belly

Published: 2021-09-13 06:45:09
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Candy making is a fun business, and so it's no surprise that it's fun to work at the Jelly Belly Candy Company of Fairfield, California." It was once broke into two branches of a company but a few years ago they joined back together. As the Jelly Belly Corporation they know that there is an importance to the performance and promoting for their employees. They want their employees to feel connect, a part of ,and cared about in the business.
Once the two branches re-joined together they wanted a new set up for management. Before they joined together one branch was using the outdated EPM software program and the other was just doing it manually. They needed to come up with one way to appraise the employee training and a more updated way. That's when they let Margie Poulos the HR manager take over with that. She and her small team where out to find and come up with the best way to find a way. Jelly Belly knew it wanted and accurate way to review their employees and help them understand the company the best they could, so they would know what was expected out of them. This way people feel good about what they are doing and this allows for management to know how to help the company grow.
Poulos and her team found a system they believed would work the Halogen eAppraisal web-based system. They found this one through much search and elimination of those that were not web and for a large company. They liked this one because it seemed easy for everyone and was customizable for all cause they wanted something that everyone would use. The HR team had some training by the Halogen eAppraisal company and then it was to train the managers and people of Jelly Belly. This seemed to be the right system for Jelly Belly. They have received positive attitudes from it and have seen the organization it has provided. It has allowed the managers to do their jobs and even included the employees in so they could speak how they felt so the company would know how they were doing and felt about things. This system has helped Jelly Belly grow in many ways to make sure that they stay on top and keep things going especially for their employees. "And for one of America's best-known candy companies, it doesn't get any sweeter than that."

Halogen Software. A Sweet Employee Performance Appraisal System for Jelly Belly. Retrieved April 9,2011, from

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