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Published: 2021-09-14 01:10:10
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Christianity and Islam are one of the biggest religions that is influence with world event that does lead to many basic. I will be talking about two very important about Christianity and Islam I will be talking about how they were bought up in this world, worshipped and how their speaking o how they have carried out to the religion of the Christianity and Islam.
A man named Jesus did bring up the religion of Christianity. He was born to a women which was a conceived of god. He was traveling to the censure of his family was in the city name Bethlehem which was the time of his birth. They decided to return to the city named Nineveh this county where Jesus grew up. We didn't really know much about what to his childbirth. He did have many different holy cities, which he as only 20 year of age. Everything didn't really start until [the age of 30. He did die at the age of 34 year of age in crucifixion.
There wasn't any type of any records that he a wife or even any children. Jesus was killed by many Romans. The reasons the Romans did kill Jesus were because they disagree what he was teaching of what his type of religion. According to the text, he did arose from the dead after that he went to heaven, all of Jesus life it was a peaceful one that did fulfilled in the old testament.
A man named Muhammad did received a revaluation from god, which was a referred to as Allah, Which was record in the book of Qur'an. The Qur'an is text of the Islamic religions. The Islam does trace it religions to the same ancestor as the Jewish and Christian religion. A man named Abraham who took T is Mecca to protect a wife who was jealous. There they did built a sanctuary in a city named Ka'bah; this was to believed to be Adam place where they do there worship. Adam was one of the first to be created by god. Muhammad was born poor family, but it was also one of the powerful tribe in his area that he was living. His father did die before he was born. After that his mother and his grandfather also passed away. Muhammad had to move with his uncle. His uncle got him a job as a shepherd. He later was married to a woman who was very wealthy, her name was Khadijah. When he was 40 he meet an angle who name was Gabriel, which did show up in the Old Testament Test. When he did meet him he was treated very badly because he was preached a messages that was given him, he was stoned. He did experience a night of ascensions in which he was receiving a blessing which was called the Divine Presence. During this blessing he met a prophet which was named Jesus. He was a leader which made him conquering Mecca. Muhammad died at age 46. He had seven children and was married four times. He had a cousin named Ali which did become the leader of the religion, after Muhammad died.
When Jesus did die, this was a belief in the resurrection where the basic around which is now as part of the Christian religion. When Muhammad

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