Jesus as Rabi

Published: 2021-09-13 22:45:12
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How was it that Jesus Christ could enter a new town and teach in the synagogue? Jesus as Rabbi term papers explain that in Jesus' time, a synagogue was not a temple. In the ancient world, a temple was a place where people worshipped God by sacrificing animals; whereas synagogue buildings functioned in part as town halls. A Jesus as Rabbi term paper refers to Jesus as both prophet and rabbi, foretelling of the coming of the kingdom of God and at the same time proclaiming divine law, teaching in synagogues, gathering disciples and debating with other scribes in the manner of their profession, and under the same authority of scripture. Typically, a rabbi would teach in a synagogue with his pupils around him. He discussed with opponents or enquirers of matters pertaining to the Law. To the question, 'Which is the chief commandment?' for instance, Jesus answered in good rabbinic fashion--to love God and to love one's neighbor. "Certainly, Jesus comes before us in the Gospels as both herald of the kingdom of God and ethical teacher in the rabbinic mold" (Matt 6:25-26; Matt. 7:1-2; Matt10: 20-30;Luke 17-7-10; Matt 7:24-27). "Jesus was undoubtedly addressed as Rabbi (Rabbouni) and maran(a), the honorific titles accorded to a Jewish teacher of the law," writes a Jesus as Rabbi term paper. But in Judaism the relationship between teacher and disciple was temporary. After "graduation" the disciple set up on his own...with the relation between Jesus and his disciples the situation becomes very different

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