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Published: 2021-08-31 18:35:12
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In face of the challenges of global competition, business firms are concentrating more
on the needs of customers and seeking ways to reduce costs, improve quality and
meet the ever-rising expectation of their customers. To these ends, many of them have
identified logistics as an area to build cost and service advantages. On the other hand,
the Just-in-Time (JIT) management approach, which has long been proven effective in
the manufacturing sector in increasing quality, productivity and efficiency, improving
communication and decreasing costs and waste, might enhance the chances of firms
to achieve cost and service advantages through logistics. However, the potential of JIT
has not been widely recognized in logistics as compared to in manufacturing. Similar
to manufacturing, logistics employs processes that add value to the basic inputs used
to create the end product. As the focus of JIT is on business processes, not products,
the management principles of JIT can be replicated and applied in logistics. This book
sets out to explore the possibilities of employing JIT to manage logistics activities, and
provide an introduction to the application of JIT in the major areas of business logistics,
which mainly deals with inter-organizational move-store activities. These move-store
activities in business logistics can, in general, be categorized into four core elements,
namely 1) customer service; 2) order processing; 3) inventory management; and 4)
transportation management, and a number of supporting elements including materials
handling, packaging, purchasing, warehousing and so on. This book concentrates on
illustrating how the JIT principles can be applied in business logistics with a focus on

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