Katra Buddha

Published: 2021-09-12 16:40:10
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According to the Woodman Taylor article, by walking around the Katra Buddha a juxtaposition is formed of two different visual images, the Buddha and Bodhi Tree. This juxtaposition offers a unique possibility of the Buddhist imagery.

Performing the circumambulatory of the Mathuran Buddha, the viewer sees to views of the image. One view is the front and the second view is the rear of the image. From the front the viewers see a seated Buddha in a yogic position with his left hand placed on his knee. The right hand is raised in a hand gesture called abhaya mudra, which is also called the visual sign of teaching. According to the above, the visual language of this image tells us that the holy person is in act of teaching. In addition, the hand gesture tells us that the function of the Buddha is to teach one the way from darkness to light. Another relationship between function and appearance of the Buddha is the way the Buddha is on the three lions of the simhasana. This appearance of the Buddha on the lion throne signifies the Buddha's control of the earth's four quarters.

The visual representation of the leaves are references to the bodhi tree (rear side) where the enlightenment took of the Buddha. The leaves imply this enlightenment because it took place under a bodhi tree. The appearance of the tree in the image gives Buddhists a function to perform, which is a pilgrimage place to go to, which indeed is the Bodh Gaya where the bodhi tree continues to stand.

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